No Victim (EP)

by Castrator

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Christoff Slater
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Christoff Slater The music is so well done. The guttural vocals are amazing. I now need to buy a shirt. FUCK YEAH!! Favorite track: The Emasculator.
byVioletteSkye thumbnail
byVioletteSkye This track is brutal and tells the story of the fate that all rapists/cismen deserve! Favorite track: The Emasculator.
David Johnson
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David Johnson Impeccably crafted brutal death metal written from a uniquely female perspective. the vocal performance is visceral and raw, the lyrics are well written and effectively convey their intended message, and the instrumentation is positively bone-crushing. 10/10 ep, I hope to hear more from this band in the future. Favorite track: Honor Killing.
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released May 5, 2015

M.D. Åkesson- Guitars (rhythm)
R. Mazen- Bass
P. Serrano- Guitars (lead) and vocals
C. Perez- Drums
M.S.- Vocals

Guest guitar solo by Robert Vigna [Courtesy of Immolation] on track 2, Brood.

Mixed and Mastered at Full Force Studios.

Artwork by Art Du Vide



all rights reserved


Castrator New York, New York

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Track Name: Honor Killing
Silently she suffers, voiceless and unseen
Imprisoned in a home
She bears children, cooks and cleans
Wed at the tender age of seventeen
His object to rape and beat
Her daughter, born in a western land
Dreams of a better life
Struggles to be free
Patriarchal control she cannot escape
Her own brother a spy of her moral and sexual conduct
Betrayed by those who should protect
Defenseless, deprived of love
Paternal murder
Abomination against nature
Repeating learned behaviors
Of what it is to be a man
Forcefully in his own way
No compassion, no humanity
Falls in love and seals her fate
No room for joy, only fear
For her safety and survival
No hope, no cure, no help
No one listens, no one hears
Murder plotted by father, brother, and uncle
Sadistic and unfeeling
Her body dumped in an unmarked grave
No respect, no dignity, no honor
Lawless social custom
Sanctioned by a community
Too often, too many
No justice, only cover-ups
Hatred and violence of the worst kind
Violating and killing that which they fear:
Female power rising to equality
Time to take a stand.
Souls of the victims arise
Balance will be restored
Track Name: Brood
Base animal instincts in control
Unrealistic agenda put into action
A mad doctor is assisting
To fill a void from her lonely childhood
Unleash a plague on the earth
Selfishly procreating with
No thought of consequence
Bacteria upon the earth
Destined to consume
Breeding out of control
Human infestation
Afterbirth stained tub
To birth she is addicted
The canal loosens and eases with each one
Hormones raging in the queen of the hive
Pumped full of seed once again
The fertile eggs release with her sex drive
Society’s next burden comes of age to continue
The insane cycle
Obstetrical hemorrhaging
On soiled sheets
Tearing of perineum
Multiple births followed by
Placental expulsion
Unleashing her plague upon the Earth
Track Name: The Emasculator
Vigilante women on the loose
Instruments of vengeance
Balance Restorers
The hunter will be hunted
Spirits of their victims rejoice
No longer will they endure
Tightly she holds the blade
With which the rapist will be raped
Of the rapist!
Take his weapon!
Crush and cut the balls!
Failed by the legal system
Designed and built for men
Exacting revenge in their own way
Form a line of prisoners
Led up one by one
Leaving genital parts behind
Penile amputation
Remove the weapon
From the offender
Track Name: No Victim
Always in fear
Walking around
Pretending to be brave
Nothing can stop her now
The thought of being raped
Always in the back of the mind
A thought that will not abandon
Any woman's mind
A dark alley always reveals
The fear eating you alive
Walk thru it and conquer
She thought no harm will come
A big pervert from behind
With intentions of taking her life
Grabs her neck and with a knife
Threatens to take her life.
Don't yell
Don't move
Your body will be mine now
Her worst fear has come to life
What would she do now?
Lost in fear she reacts
The knife from his hand she grabs
Stabbing him multiple times
Now brave not a coward anymore
The battle against her worst fear she has conquered
No victim will she ever be
The stench of fear is gone now